Main Activities

  • Sales, Installation and Service of Diesel Generators from 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA.
  • Mobile Hiring DG Sets on per-day basis and on monthly basis. 
  • Bed mounted DG Sets on short term rental and long term rental / monthly rental basis.

Sub Activities

  • Manufacture of Acoustic enclosures, Acoustically treated D.G.Rooms,AMF panels, Synchronising panels, D.G.set installations, Automation of D.G.sets, AMC, Trouble shooting, Synchronising of D.G.sets, Tailor made D.G.Control panels, PLC based operation for D.G.Sets, hiring of D.G.Sets on short term & long term basis, sound proof mobile D.G.Set on rental basis with “POWER ON WHEELS” concept.

    Initially the company started with service activities in the first year and quickly it was diversified to sales and other allied works. Now the company is in position to cater varieties of D.G.Sets and allied works which includes :-


Sales of Diesel Generators Powered with :

  • Supply and installation of Cummins Engine powered DG Sets coupled with Stamford make Alternators from 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA.


Supply and Installation of Acoustic Enclosure for reducing the noise level on the genset with :

  • Standard design enclosures with 75 db sound level at 1 mtr distance from the enclosure.
  • Special design Tailor made enclosures with 65 – 70 db sound level at 1 mtr distance from the enclosure.
  • Super sound attenuated containers with Hospital grade residential silencers to achieve the sound level of less than 65 db at 1 mtr distance.


Acoustically treated D.G.Rooms :

  • Complete sound proofing of D.G.rooms by providing acoustic treatment on wall and ceiling, sound attenuated louver box for fresh air and hot air including radiator hot air ducting to achieve the sound level of 65 – 75 db at 1 mtr distance.
  • Partial sound proofing of D.G.rooms by treating walls.
  • Super sound attenuated D.G.rooms for Residential Areas to achieve the sound level less than 65 db at 1 mtr distance.


Auto Mains Failure control panels (AMF) & standard control panels :

  • Auto starting AMF panels with single Breaker
  • Auto starting/Auto changeover AMF panels with Double Breaker
  • Synchronising panels with Auto synchronising options
  • Auto synchronising/ Auto Load sharing/ Auto load management systems with Micro processor based relays.
  • PLC based control panels for computer operations of D.G.sets and programmable load management systems with SCADA Systems.
  • Standard control panels and Tailor made special panels with bypass features
  • Load dependent start / stop panels with AMF / Synchronising features.


Installation of D.G.sets :

  • Mechanical erection like Exhaust piping, fuel piping, structure erection, chimney fabrication, cooling water piping, cooling towers, coil coolers etc.
  • Electrical Installations like power cabling, control cabling, cable termination, earthing, earth pits etc.
  • Approvals like Electrical Inspectorate/ Pollution control board approval/ KERC approvals.
  • Commissioning of D.G.sets, any capacity/ any make.
  • Allied Civil works on customer request.


Servicing of D.G.sets :

  • Trouble shooting of Engine, Alternator and control panels.
  • Periodical servicing/ top overhauling/ major overhauling of D.G.sets.
  • Alternator repair/ rewinding.
  • Alignment of Engine and Alternator.
  • Control panel rewiring/ modification/ commissioning.


AMC for D.G. Sets :

  • Annual Maintenance contract for all capacity of D.G.sets with only labour charges and spares extra (Non comprehensive).
  • Comprehensive AMC packages including parts and labour.
  • Electrically/ Mechanically divided AMC like only alternators/ control panel/ engine etc.
  • Complete turnkey AMC including DG Set and eleectrical systems.


Turnkey Projects :

  • Concept to commissioning and handing over: Right from the load calculation to design to the execution to commissioning to handing over.
  • Specific type of turnkey projects to suit customer requirements.

Automation of D.G.sets :

  • Complete automated power plants.(No operator is required) right from Auto starting/ Auto changeover/ auto synchronising/ Auto load sharing/ Auto load monitoring/Auto Desynchronising/ Auto stopping system/ load management systems | Load dependent start | stop.
  • PLC based operation to monitor the D.G.set through a computer.
  • BMS & SCADA Systems.
  • Grid synchronising system with import and exports.