2250 KVA Mobile Sound Proof Rental DG Set

2000 KVA Mobile Sound Proof Rental DG Set

Rental DG Sets

  • Mobile Sound Proof DG Sets.
  • Base Mounted DG Sets.
  • Long Term/ Short term Rental Contracts.
  • Power Plants on Rental Basis.
  • Power on Rent.
  • Rental DG Sets on perday basis / monthly basis / yearly basis.
  • Complete turnkey rental solutions.

Mobile Sound Proof Rental DG Sets

  • From 10 KVA to 2000 KVA.
  • Powered with Cummins / Caterpillar / Kirloskar/ Ashok Leyland DG Sets.
  • Super Silent Sets suitable for Residential Areas.
  • Brand new Vehicles / DG Sets to ensure no downtime.
  • Ideal for software / Call Centres / BPOs / Commercial Complex | manufacturing industries
  • Per Day / Per Week / Per fortnight / Per Month Billing Options.
  • 50 Mtrs Copper Flexible Cable available on each DG Set. (Additional cables on request)
  • Comes with Standard / AMF Option.
  • With operator Round the clock.
  • Well Maintained Fleet with Genuine Parts / oil Usage.
  • Professional Service Team.
  • Emergency Back up DG Sets to take care of eventualities | Breakdowns
  • Capable of taking load as per manufacturers recommendation / standards
  • Fuel consumption to match brand new DG Sets.
  • Technical Assistance to the Customer free of cost.
  • On site load Study.
  • All leading Multinationals and Corporates are our clients.
  • Transparency, Punctuality and Genuinity to the core.

Base Mounted DG Sets ( Bed mounted, acoustically enclosed container DG Sets) 

  • From 10 KVA to 2000 KVA and beyond on request.
  • Powered with Cummins / Caterpillar / Kirloskar / Ashok Leyland DG Sets.
  • Available Sound proof / Open DG Sets.
  • Brand New / Well Maintained DG Sets ensures no downtime.
  • Ideal for Construction/ Industries / Software parks.
  • Per month billing with very competitive rates.
  • Cabling / Exhaust Piping to the Standard Length.
  • Comes with Standard / AMF Option.
  • Operator Optional.
  • Genuine Parts / Oil ensures trouble free performance.
  • Highly dedicated / professional service team.
  • Emergency Mobile DG Sets to rush in case of breakdown.
  • Capable of taking the loads like Brand new DG Sets.
  • Fuel Consumption to match Brand new DG Sets.
  • Load study done free of cost to suggest correct rating DG Set.
  • All MNC and Corporate Sectors are our clients.
  • Honesty in all dealings to the core.

Long Term / Short Terms Rental DG Sets

  • Short Term Rental Contracts to cater your Short Terms Needs.
  • Long Term Rental DG Sets Contracts to cater your Long term power requirements.
  • As good as owning your own DG Sets.
  • Best commercial Offers.
  • Unmatchable Service and Round the clock service to ensure no / minimal breakdown
  • Having contract with leading MNCs and Corporate Sector.
  • Diesel filling optional / on request.

Power Plants On Rental Basis

  • Complete Power Plant Management.
  • Billing Optional on Fixed / Unit Basis / Monthly Basis.
  • Complete Man Power Provided.
  • Takes care of your Diesel and Maintenance Hassles.
  • Need not invest but still as good as your own.
  • Brand New / Well maintained DG Sets for minimum down time operation.
  • Base Load / Stand by option available.
  • Loading as per manufacturers recommendation so that you get maximum power with minimum expense.
  • Removes all your investment burdens.
  • Available with long term contracts.
  • Agreement to ensures Commitment.
  • Replacement of DG Sets in case of failures.
  • Upgradation option available.
  • Complete maintenance / Diesel Fillings undertaken on request.
  • Ideal for Industries / SEZs / MNC/ Corporate Sectors / developers.
  • Commitment / Performance guaranteed and can be documented.

Power on Rent

  • Covers Commercial Complexes / Multitenanted buildings.
  • Diesel Generator is installed and power is being rented.
  • Billing based upon usage and some amount of fixed charges.
  • No need to worry about the Diesel pilferage.
  • No Maintenance headache.
  • No need to maintain staff.
  • No need to pay for routine service.
  • No need to invest One rupee.
  • No need to divide expenses.
  • Just pay per unit and relax.
  • Metered reading ensure transparency.
  • Commitment on certain KVA of Power.
  • Pay for what you consume.
  • Available with manual / Auto Changeover options.
  • Win win situation brings smile on your face.

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