Welcome to Sinewave

Sinewave Generators provides sales, installation, service and hiring of Diesel Generators from 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA. It also caters to the various allied works like sound proofing, AMF and synchoronising panels, Automation of DG Sets, Turnkey projects and Hiring of DG Sets.

Based in Bangalore, India, Sinewave Generators is promoted by young and dynamic entrepreneurs with extensive corporate experience across various functions. Established in 1996, Sinewave Generators caters to some of the best of the organizations / corporates /  MNCs throughout the country.


World-class Diesel Generators

  • Supply and installation of Cummins Engine powered DG Sets coupled with Stamford make Alternators from 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA.
  • Manufacture of Acoustic enclosures, Acoustically treated D.G. Rooms, Noise control measures as per relevant standards
  • AMF panels, Synchronising panels, Automation of D.G.sets with PLC based controls, Tailor made D.G.control panels, PLC based operation for D.G.sets
  • Hiring of D.G.sets on short term and long term basis, Hiring of Mobile sound proof DG Sets on “POWER ON WHEELS“ concept / Bed mounted DG Sets.
  • Trouble shooting of DG Sets, control panels and DG Sets associated works.